Core Module

The core Fulcrum module is a system requirement.  The core module includes:

  • Billing for hospitality, industrial & healthcare customers.  For more information about the healthcare system, Click here.
  • An Administration Module to manage financial accounting, sales tax and sales and marketing setup across the enterprise
  • Comprehensive User Help and Documentation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Service that seamlesly interfaces with Microsoft Outlook  Learn more…
  • Powerful but easily managed surcharge billing at customer and item level
  • 'Preview' invoices that can be reviewed and adjusted by Service before printing and route settlement ensuring that the customer gets a clean invoice that meets their needs
  • Comprehensive management reporting that outputs to Adobe (by default), Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports
  • SmartLists that allow the user to sort, filter and open tables in Microsoft Excel

Fulcrum has a clean, intuitive screens that are easy to use.  Accessing Fulcrum is like logging on to Internet banking.  The only thing the user needs is a workstation with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  The user can access Fulcrum any time from any place from any device with an Internet connection.

Fulcrum has taken over seven years to develop from the ground up on Microsoft's state-of-the-art development platform.  It is a powerful, stable solution tried and tested by industrial, linen and healthcare plants.  And Fulcrum is easily configured to fit the needs and practices of each plant in the system.  But don't believe us!  Read our most recent case study.

To view an introductory movie, click below.  The movie can be viewed on the full screen: