Mobile Accounting Module

Handhelds on the route reduce service time, reduce route credits and can generate a final printed invoice with the customer’s signature at the point of service.  Fulcrum Mobile Accounting:

  • Allows the route salesperson to adjust the invoice at the point of service
  • Depending on the 'adjustment' code', the inventory and/or next delivery will be adjusted automatically
  • Balances COD for the route salesman
  • Allows the route salesman to enter soil on selected items
  • Makes detailed customer and item information available to the route salesman
  • Uploads the adjusted invoices into Fulcrum where the route supervisor 'approves' them, effectively systematizing the route check-in process 

Fulcrum’s Mobile Accounting Module was released with Version 3.0 two years ago.  However, we rewrote the application for Version 3.5 on Microsoft’s Mobile 6 platform and have updated it for Version 4.x. Mobile Computing – we’re now seeing PDA’s disappearing as this technology merges with mobile phones – is the hottest area in technology.  Mobile Computing is developing at a breathtaking pace.  That’s why our decision to rewrite the application in Mobile 6, Microsoft’s most current platform, is such a big deal.

To view an introductory movie, click below.  The movie can be viewed on the full screen: